Widely used in volume production of semiconductor and LED, and meet the process requirements of uniform film deposition on aluminum, titanium, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, nickel, silver and indium and oxides such as ITO etc.

Product Range

The product range consists of EB-500, EB-700, EB-900. The system includes evaporation chamber, rotating substrate frame, light-heating system, electron gun and power, quarts oscillator film thickness monitor, vacuum pumping system, control system and supporting frame etc.. The products appearance is cubic in shape, and can be installed isolated in ultra clean room.

Technical Data

  1. Ultimate vacuum:≤2.6×10-5 Pa (after baking and degassing);
  2. Leak rate: ≤6.6×10-8 Pa.l/S;
  3. Pumping after filling dry nitrogen under atmosphere, EB-500 and EB-700 can reach 5.0×10-4 Pa in less than 30 minutes, EB-900 can reach 2.6×10-4 Pa in less than 20 minutes;
  4. Evaporation rate: EB-500: 0.1~15Å/sec; EB-700: 0.1~20Å/sec; EB-900: 0.1~30Å/sec;
  5. Film thickness uniformity
    • Film thickness non-uniformity ≤±5%
    • inter-substrate non-uniformity ≤±5%
    • Batch non-uniformity ≤±5%
  6. Electron beam and power: EB-500, EB-700: 4×25CC water-cooling crucible;EB-900: 4×40CC water-cooling crucible;Power:EB-500:6KW; EB-700:8KW; EB-900: 10KW;
  7. Quarts oscillator film thickness monitor can achieve multistage speed increase, programmable discrete input/output, evaporation rate loop control of E-beam source, film thickness display: 0~999.9 kÅ, film forming rate: 0~999 Å/s;
  8. Substrate Frame:
    Eb-500(single arch)EB-700(star)EB-900(star)
    2″30 pcs/time42×3=126 pcs/time67×3=201 pcs/time
    3″18 pcs/time23×3=69 pcs/time37×3=111 pcs/time
    4″8 pcs/time18×3=54 pcs/time21×3=67 pcs/time
    5″8×3=24 pcs/time17×3=51 pcs/time
    6″6×3=18 pcs/time12×3=36 pcs/time
    8″4×3=12 pcs/time6×3=18 pcs/time
  9. light-heating system: adjustable continuously from room temperature to 300℃.
  10. Vacuum pumping system: consists of cryopump, roots pump(or mechanical pump) and pneumatic baffle valve.
  11. Vacuum measurement: full scale vacuum gauge, testing range: atmosphere~5×10-7Pa, display vacuum level curve of chamber exhaust process; Vacuum pumping system safety monitoring by installing a Pirani low vacuum gauge on backing pipes;
  12. Control system: the system is controlled by IPC and PLC, and can be switched between manual and automatic mode. The whole operation process is done on a touch screen, which provides operating UI for formula setting, vacuum system, electron gun system, process system, gasing system and cooling system; The processing procedure and system parameters can be set by setting formula parameter on IPC.
  13. Reliability: Equipment perfectness rate>90%; MTBF>400 hours
  14. Rated power: 60KW
  15. Circulating water: 2m³/h
  16. Floor Space:
    • Dimension: EB-500: 1600×2000 mm2; EB-700: 1800×2200mm2; EB-900: 1600×2700mm2;
    • With door open: EB-500: 2900×3000m2; EB-700: 3200×3400mm2; EB-900: 3200×3700mm2.
  17. Functions might be added/deducted or developed according to the demands of customers